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Events Room

To enquire about author events email Jane at the link below -



Or the Contact an Author website

About the Book:

When Grace's mum has to go into hospital her north London world is turned upside as she is sent off to see her grumpy old granddad on his farm in Yorkshire. Graces misses her mother so much it hurts and things get worse at school when she becomes the bullies' latest target. Then Grace meets Rainbow Girl Megan and her pig, Claude and everything starts to change.
A gorgeous story of courage and friendship that will tug at your heart strings.

I can offer you the following type of events:

Authors Talk

Jane will talk about her journey from struggling at school with dyslexia to getting her first novel published. There will be a reading from A Room Full of Chocolate. Jane will also talk about her life and how she came up with the idea for the novel from her own childhood.
Time will be allotted for questions from the audience.
Jane's theatre background and teaching experience make her the ideal author to lead a workshop based on her book.


Depending on your space:

A Room Full of Words – The Special Blue Book Writing Workshop.
(suitable for a classroom)

Grace in A Room full of Chocolate records the world around her in her Special Blue Book

'Is this where you write down your special private thoughts and dreams?' said Miss Sams.
I nodded. 'And my stories and plays, miss,' I whispered.

Jane has created a dynamic interactive workshop about finding inspiration for writing in everyday objects and the world around us. She will also explore character and plot and what makes an exciting story!

A Room Full of Words Improvisation Workshop -
Exploring the theme of friendship in A Room Full of Chocolate

(suitable for a classroom)

Lucy didn't have what I had, a best friend like Megan. Robert, Tom and Hannah were stuck to her with bribery and fear, not friendship.

A workshop using a mixture of theatre games and improvisation to explore both the male friendships, looking at Mitchell and his gang, and also the female friendships in A Room Full of Chocolate

'Best friends forever,' said Megan.
'Blood sisters till we die,' I said.

There will be time for book buying and signing afterwards.



Here are some quotes from previous workshops


'These were boys of limited literary ability Yet they found Jane's workshop stimulating and totally engaged in it'

Maggie Murdock Polmont young Offenders Institution


'Jane has the ability to tune into these children on a very deep level and get the very best out of them.'

Matthew Potger The Moat School for dyslexia


'Jane inspires confidence and enthusiasm in all who work with her'

Abigail Grey Special educational needs consultant


I was invited as the Guest of Honour on founders day at the Moat School. It was a big honour and a pleasure to talk to the young people about my own experience as a dyslexic at school. It was a joy to present them with their awards.