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Special Blue Book





If the issues in A Room Full Of Chocolate have touched your own life.


Grace is dealing with such a lot in her life: Her Mum's illness as well as the bullying, both by text and in the playground of Lucy Potts and her gang. Also fitting into a new school can be really tough apart from the fact that she has been sent to live with her Grandad who is trying to do his best but does not really understand how she is feeling.
Megan has also been taunted for years for the way she looks. Bullies can often target people whom they deem to be different.
Grace at times feels lonely, frightened, angry and confused.
If you are going through any of the things that Grace and Megan are and feel that you would like to talk to someone here are some links of organizations that can help you.

If you are being bullied don't suffer in silence. Click on the link below:



If you have a parent or a brother or sister who is ill and you are their carer the carers trust can offer you lots of support.



You can call child line to speak to a councillor on 0800111