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The narrative is jam-packed with all the key elements of a perfect story-extreme emotion, highly descriptive detail and humour.
The Guardian Children's Books by Kids for Kids


'Honestly, honestly, honestly, this story is just lovely. It's simply told and easy to read but it's also beautifully written.' FIVE * review The Bookbag

'A really moving debut, tackling big issues such as parental illness and bullying. Another one for fans of Sarah Lean and Cathy Cassidy.'The Bookseller

'A lovely tale of friendship, tenacity and secrets.'The Bookseller

'A beautifully written book with real insight … A book to ponder over; a book with a positive message; a book which shows people aren't always what they seem.'Parents in Touch

'What a touching, beautifully imagined debut about a young girl coping with her mother's cancer and her grandfather's stubbornness. Its atmosphere reminds me of the central relationship in Goodnight Mr Tom.'Amanda Craig

'A strong exciting debut from a new author.'Scribbles Blog

'… very, very moving … with a climax that's both exciting and heartwarming. This is definitely one you should be keeping an eye out for, and again, I'll look forward to more from Elson in the future.'YaYeahYeah

'At times desperately moving, and others riotously fun, this is a special book destined to charm readers old and young.'We Love This Book

Will be recommending this left, right and centre! 5 sofas -Snuggling Sofas

While reading A Room Full Of Chocolate I discovered it'd the best book I have ever read - The Guardian Children's Books by Kids for Kids